Montague Advisory Partners commenced operation in 2022 as an Independent Advisory Firm providing both Strategic and Financial advice to clients seeking innovative solutions.

Our team has a broad-based set of execution skills and experience allowing us to collaborate closely with clients and form strong and enduring relationships.

We work with clients to understand their objectives and then take an integrated multidisciplinary approach to finding the most appropriate solution.

Our network of relationships both in country and cross borders provides important insights for clients and cultivates a Trusted Partner culture.

Our Vision

To provide independent strategic and transactional advice to clients.

Our Purpose

To assist Principals and Sponsors get access to original leading-edge advice based on practical execution focused experience.

Our Guiding Principle is Trust

We are fully committed to the abiding principle of Trust in all we do and all of those whom we serve.



Full service financial advice on corporate acquisitions, disposals, spin-offs, JVs and partnerships for companies and sponsors.


We provide Strategic advice to clients (families, individuals and corporations) seeking to examine new markets or new strategic directions(industry, geography ‚sectors). We offer geographical and sector insights based on both know how and know who.


MAP provides advice on liquidity, debt management, ECM, DCM transactions as well as corporate restructurings. MAP executives have extensive execution experience and a detailed knowledge of financial markets allowing them to advise on optimal outcomes.


This is a core competency of the team. Volatility in markets requires clients to manage multiple risk dimensions and the ability to identify and actively mitigate those remains critical to long term success